The following are the conditions for affiliation with the University:


  1. Institutions Eligible for Affiliation

The Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi may affiliate the following categories of institutions:

  1. Colleges of Education,
  2. Polytechnics and Colleges of Technology,
  • Colleges of Management,
  1. Monotechnics in areas relating to Science and Agriculture,
  2. Other Institutions that are registered with the State or Federal government.
  3. Conditions for Affiliation


  1. The institutions seeking affiliation with the university must be institutions that are fully approved by the State or Federal Government of Nigeria.
  2. A detailed academic brief must be submitted for the programmes for which the institution is seeking affiliation. The brief must contain the curriculum, staff list, and available facilities.
  3. The institution must complete and submit a relevant application form.
  4. The institution must have a Governing Council that has representation reflecting the public interest and must have a Chief Executive Officer that is responsible to the Council.
  5. The institution must have for each of its programmes, clearly defined objectives appropriate to higher education in level, standards and quality, as well as the means for achieving them.
  6. The institution must have students enrolled in the programmes for which affiliation is sought.
  7. The institution must have academic and non-academic staff that are sufficient in number, qualifications and experience to support academically and administratively, the programmes for which affiliation is sought.
  8. The institution must show that it has the financial resources to support the programmes for which affiliation is sought.
  9. The institution must have adequate Library, Laboratory and Computer and other resources to support the programmes for which affiliation is sought.


  1. Duration and Renewal of Affiliation
  2. Duration of affiliation shall be five (5) years subject to renewal.
  3. The process of renewal of affiliation shall commence one (1) year to the expiration of affiliation.
  4. Submission of Application

Application form for affiliation can be obtained, completed and submitted to the university throughout the year along with the prescribed fee of Fifty Thousand Naira (N50,000.00) which is subject to review. The forms may be accompanied with a letter of intent stating clearly the vision of the institution concerning the affiliation.

  1. Follow-up Action on Submitted Applications
  2. On receipt of an application, the University Affiliation Committee will examine the documents submitted by the institution seeking affiliation. If it is observed that the institution fulfils the minimum conditions, an inspection committee will be appointed in order to visit and assess the suitability for affiliation with the university.
  3. Composition of the inspection Committee shall comprise the Chairman and a member of the Affiliation Committee and three members of staff from the concerned College/Department. In the case of Postgraduate programme, the Dean of Postgraduate School and two members from the affected College along with the Chairman and a member of the Affiliation Committee should constitute the visitation team.
  4. If during the scrutiny of the documents by the Affiliation Committee, an institution is found to have failed to fulfil the minimum conditions, it will be informed accordingly and no further action shall be taken.
  5. The report of the Inspection Committee shall be submitted to the University Affiliation Committee for consideration and recommendation to the Chairman of the Senate.


  1. Guidelines for Institutions and Inspection Committees

The institution awaiting inspection for approval should make available the following information (records/documents) ready for the inspection committee

  1. A copy of the law governing the institution
  2. Composition of the management of the institution
  3. List of staff with qualifications, ranks and salary structure
  4. Library facilities
  5. Laboratories/Workshops
  6. Number of students
  7. Academic brief for the programme for which affiliation is sought
  8. Record of assessment of students
  9. Any other relevant information
  10. Memorandum of Understanding

There will be a memorandum of understanding duly signed by officers for the university and the affiliating institution.

  1. Shared Affiliation Responsibilities
  2. The University shall examine admission requirements to ensure that they are the same with those of the University of Agriculture, Makurdi.
  3. The University shall examine and moderate the curriculum of the affiliated programme to ensure that they are same with those of the University of Agriculture, Makurdi.
  4. Both parties shall moderate all examinations and assessments to ensure that the conditions and requirements are in accordance with the University Laws.
  5. Each affiliated institution must develop long-term plans for its academic mission, role and capacity, which build on the strengths and special environment of the institution and submit it to the Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi Affiliation Committee.
  6. The relevant Departments of Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi shall nominate two (2) external examiners not below the rank of Senior Lecturer from recognized institution which will be sent to the Vice-Chancellor for approval.
  7. Management of Affiliated Programmes
  8. Both parties shall consider and approve the list of staff involved in teaching of courses in the affiliated programme at the beginning of each session.
  9. Both parties shall consider and approve the list of candidates for admission into the affiliated programme
  10. Admission forms shall be purchased from the affiliated institution, the University any other platform as provided by Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi.
  11. There shall be periodic visits from the University to carry out inspection of facilities in the affiliated institution.
  12. The university shall make arrangement for students of the affiliated institution who may wish to conduct their research in Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi and this shall be at the expense of the affiliated institution.
  13. The University shall appoint a Coordinator for each affiliated programme. The Coordinator shall be appointed by the Vice-Chancellor on the recommendation of the Head of the Department that the affiliated programme is directly related to. A Coordinator, must not be below the rank of Senior Lecturer. The Committee shall make request to the Dean who will then ask the Head of Department to recommend a Coordinator and the Committee will in turn send the name to the Vice-Chancellor for Appointment. The coordinator shall give regular reports to the University affiliation Committee on the academic activities of the affiliated programme. The Coordinator shall be responsible for the moderation of examination questions, shall be the University contact person for the affiliated institution and shall be part of all visitation teams to affiliated
  14. The examination results of students in the affiliated programmes shall be prepared by the affiliated institution six weeks after the examinations. After the results have been considered and approved at all levels at the affiliated institution, the result shall be submitted to the Coordinator of the programme. The Coordinator will submit the results to the Affiliation Committee for further processing.

Affiliation Committee shall ensure that the Senate approved results are returned to the affiliated institution.


Procedure for the Consideration of students’ results shall be:


  1. Sub-Degree Programme:

Coordinator → Committee on Affiliation →College Board → Vice-Chancellor

  1. Degree programme:

Coordinator →Committee on Affiliation →College Board →SSCER → Senate


  • Postgraduate Programme:

Coordinator → Committee on Affiliation →Postgraduate Board →Senate.


  1. Payment of Allowances and Fees
  2. The payment of allowances to staff of the University involved in the affiliated programme will be at the prevailing rates. Such payment shall be made latest six (6) weeks into the next semester.
  3. 30% of the proceeds from the admission forms shall go to Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi, while 70% will go to the affiliated institution.
  4. 30% of tuition fees from affiliated programmes shall be paid to the Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi.
  5. The payments in b and c above shall be at the end of first semester or as the case may be.



  1. Withdrawal of Affiliation
  2. The University has the right to withdraw the affiliation of an institution or some of the affiliated programmes in the institution.
  3. Proceedings of withdrawal of affiliation may be initiated by the University in case an institution is found guilty of the following
  4. i) Engagement in activities prejudicial to the interest of the University or inciting feelings of disloyalty or disaffection against the University.
  5. ii) Non-fulfilment of conditions laid down regarding deficiencies to be addressed in spite of written notices.

iii) Disregard of rules and conditions of affiliation even after receiving written warnings.

  1. v) Non-availability of proper equipment/space/staff for teaching a particular programme.
  2. vi) Compromise of academic standards by the institution.

vii) Failed accreditation of the programme by such regulatory bodies like National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) and NCCE.

viii)  Delay in processing and release of results in spite of written notices.

  1. The University shall provide adequate time and opportunity to the management of the school or institution served with the notice of de-affiliation, up to a maximum of one year for adequate removal/compliance of defects failing which the University may declare the institution de-affiliated.
  2. The affiliated institution may decline to renew affiliation after five (5) years.
  3. An affiliated institution wishing to terminate affiliation before the end of five years duration will have to give one (1) year notice before termination.

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