Directorate of IPPR

The Directorate of Information, Publication, Protocol and Public Relation (IPPR) is a directorate in the Vice Chancellor’s Office. It started as the PRO’s office when the University came into existence in 1988 with the primary function of disseminating information to the University Community and the public, as well as arranging passages for key officers of the University.

The University Administration changed the name of the unit in 2003 from Public Relation Officer’s Office to Information, Publication, Protocol and Public Relation (IPPR) Division to reflect the scope of functions that the office should undertake to meet up with increasing realities of management, growth & development.

The administrative Head of IPPR Division was a Deputy Registrar (DR) but the first & last Deputy Registrar who was head of IPPR retired from Service voluntarily in August 2003 and Mrs. Rosemary.K Waku who was then a Principal Assistant Registrar (PAR) became head of IPPR.

In December, 2015, Council of the University approved the upgrade of IPPR division to a directorate.

On the 4th April, 2017, Council again approved the appointment of Mrs. Rosemary K. Waku as director, Directorate of Information, Protocol and Public Relations.

Below are the names and profile of the staff of the Directorate:


Director DIPPR

Mrs. Rosemary Kpadoo Waku