Centre For Counselling and Human Development

Brief History

The centre for Counselling and Human Development came into being in September, 2011. There had been in existence a Guidance and Counseling Unit under the Students Affairs Division but the 2007 reforms of the education sector brought about the creation of an entirely new department of students support services. Universities and the commission’s assessment of the services of the nature and application of students support and facilities will now be based on the Ten (10) services and facilities which Counselling and Human Development Centre is one.


The sole responsibility of the student support services is the development of career management initiatives that will enable students develop mission-critical life skills for making informed decisions on their future and also plan for the implementation of social responsibility and advocacy programmes including initiatives that will eliminate current and potential social ills pervading the entire spectrum of the Nigeria university system.



The centre is equipped with professional counselors and administrative staff to provide the following services:

i.            General Counselling – individual and group Counselling.

ii.           Orientation of fresh student: One (1) week orientation programme for fresh students is done in the first (1st) semester of every session.

iii.          Information on scholarship and employment opportunities.

iv.           Programmes to nurture national and good leadership values.

v.        Documentation, monitoring and feedback processes. Student information data, all scholarship matters, all Counselling services rendered are documented.

vi.          The centre also handles sensitization on HIV/AIDS for all categories of students in the university and periodically organizes seminars on HIV/AIDS in conjunction with other related NGO’s and associations.

vii.          The centre carries anti-social vices campaigns against cultism, drug abuse and violence.

viii.         Yearly workshop on career development for final year students.


Specifically, the centre is domiciled with the following as mandate:


  •  Orientation of New Students, which is done for a period of one week in the first semester of each session for newly admitted students of the university. Lectures and or papers are presented by resource persons and other service facilities and student related departments.
  • The centre also registers students and keeps a record of student intake for monitoring of their attitude and behavioural and social development.
  • The centre gives professional advices to students on daily basis in areas including but not limited to the following:

–         Academic

–         Psychological

–         Social

–         Vocational

–         Spiritual Personal

  • TIME LINE: Our services are offered with promptness from Monday to Friday during work hours. We also offer online counseling on the university website.