The Registry: The Registry is headed by the Registrar who is the Chief Administrative Officer of the University and who is responsible to the Vice Chancellor for the day to day administrative work of the University.

The Registry is divided into five (5) Directorates which are headed by very Senior Professional Administrators who assist the Registrar in the discharge of his/her duties.

The units include:

The Registrar’s Office: – The Registrar’s Office is the Secretariat of the Registry Department where all issues pertaining to the Registry are handed. It is headed by the Registrar.


Functions of the Registrar:

  1. The Registrar is by law the Secretary to Council, Senate, Congregation and Convocation.
  2. He/she is the head of the department called the Registry
  • He/she is the Chief Adviser to the Vice Chancellor especially on laws and regulations and general administrative matters.
  1. He/she is the custodian of University seal etc.


Directorate of Council Affairs: – The Directorate handles matters pertaining to the Governing Council of the University. It is headed by a Director. This officer is the one that attends Council meetings with the Registrar and takes down minutes and makes contact with the Chairman and other members of the Governing Council. He is assisted by a complement of Administrative staff in these tasks

Functions of the Directorate of Council Affairs:

  1. To liaise with the Registrar to ensure that Council Agenda and papers are prepared in advance and on time.
  2. To ensure that proper accommodation is available for all council members before any or all of them arrive for the meeting.
  • Ensures that adequate transportation arrangements are made for Council members.
  1. To liaise with the Bursar to ensure that allowances for Council members are available to them before they leave after the meetings.
  2. Takes minutes and produces same on time for the Registrar or Chairman to vet.
  3. Assist Registrar in the implementation of Council decisions.
  • Assist any Council member who may be on private visit to the University and may require assistance


Directorate of Academic Affairs: – This is another very important Directorate in the Registry which the Registrar delegates to a Senior Administrative Staff, usually a Director. It has three Units apart from the Director’s Office, which are Admissions, Senate and Examinations and Records.

Functions of the Units:

Admissions Unit: – the Unit liaises with the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) on behalf of the University.

  1. It scrutinizes credentials of newly admitted students to ensure that they are not forged, thereafter, the students are registered.
  2. Preparation of materials for advertisement of Pre-Degree and First Degree
  • Handles the Matriculation of fresh students to ensure a hitch free matriculation ceremony.
  1. Preparation of matriculation list and assigning of matriculation numbers to fresh students
  2. Registration of fresh and returning students
  3. Secretary to the Admissions Committee

Examinations and Records: –

  1. Preparation and sending out of transcript, examination results etc to other institutions, organizations or individuals as may be required.
  2. Giving of advice on academic matters to students and prospective students.
  • The office is the custodian of all Academic records of students.
  1. Processing and issuance of statement of result
  2. Ensuring adequate stock of examination materials and disbursement to colleges as and when necessary
  3. Handling of request for verification of certificates/results from corporate bodies
  • Publication of approved results
  • Preparation of Graduation list


Senate Unit: This unit handles the following:

  1. It serves as Senate Secretariat
  2. Handles all matters pertaining to Senate
  • To ensure binding of Senate minutes
  1. To ensure that Senate minutes are ready for Chairman’s vetting 72 hours after any Senate meeting
  2. Communicate Senate decisions to the University community
  3. To maintain up to date records on membership and tenure of  Senate members on Senate Committees and Representative of Congregation on Senate.


Directorate of Personnel Management: – This Directorate comprises Senior and Junior Staff Establishments.

  • Senior Staff Establishment: – The Unit takes care of appointments, promotions, discipline and welfare of all senior staff including Teaching and Non Teaching staff. It is headed by a very senior staff usually addressed as the Senior Staff Establishment Officer.


  1. Recruitment of all Senior Teaching and Non Teaching staff.
  2. Advertises for staff vacancies.
  • Receives and processes all applications.
  1. Arranges interviews for relevant committees and takes stock of references required.
  2. Prepares for letters of appointment or termination for Registrar’s
  3. Deals with all other establishment matters like study leave, sabbatical leave,   leave of absence, annual leave, ;pension, transfer of service and staff welfare


  • Junior Staff Establishment:

This unit handles appointments, promotions, welfare, discipline and all establishment matters including labour matters of all categories of junior staff.  It is headed by a senior staff designated the Junior Staff Establishment Officer. 


Same as in Senior Staff Establishment as it relates to all Junior Staff matters.


Directorate of General Administration and Special Services

This Directorate deals with the following:

  1. Legal matters
  2. Protocol /hospitality
  • Housing
  1. Catering
  2. Security


Directorate of Alumni Relations

  • Directorate of Alumni Relations is also an impartial unit under Registry. It is headed by a very Senior Administrative Staff (Director) appointed by the Registrar.
  • The Directorate is responsible for keeping track of the graduates of the University, constantly creating a good relationship between the University and its Alumni and to works with Alumni volunteers to bring more infrastructural development to the University.
  • In line with its aims and objectives, the Directorate of Alumni Relations performs the following functions and duties:


  1. The Directorate maintains an up to date list of graduates of the University right from its inception in her database.
  2. It tracks graduates of the University by maintaining an up to date register of current addresses of Alumni members through Alumni biodata form;
  • Mobilization of Alumni members by constantly getting in touch with them for the purpose of encouraging them to take active interest in, and contribute to the development of their Alma Mater;
  1. Developing a meaningful relationship between the University and key stakeholders including Alumni, friends of the University and the local community to secure their support;
  2. The Directorate Works with Alumni Volunteers/National Executive to implement the agreed Alumni strategy, including events, alumni branches/chapters engagement and where appropriate, fundraising;
  3. Liaising with all University Alumni groups to develop opportunities for continuous communication process and identification of mutual needs;
  • Liaising with appropriate University offices/staff in maintaining an up to date list of graduates of the University;
  • Developing initiatives to increase students, awareness of the Alumni programmes through Alumni information bulletin and meeting;
  1. Establishing and building relationship with a wide range of Alumni, locally, regionally, nationally and internationally:
  2. Liaising with Student Affairs, Student Union (SU) and other relevant bodies for welfare of students;
  3. Coordinating the management and maintenance of Alumni farms and other investments;
  • Sending of Birthday messages to all Alumni members on their Birthdays and other festive events; i.e. Christmas, New Year and Ed-el-Fitr celebrations.