Directorate of ICT


The history of Information and Communication Technology in the University dates back to 27th September, 2004 when His Excellency, Dr. George Akume, The Executive Governor of Benue State commissioned a 45-note computer network. The centre was donated by Shell Petroleum Development initiative.

The Centre was upgraded to a Directorate in April, 2006 to marshal support for the University target of using Information Technology as the pivot of the University system.

The Directorate was formerly made up of three units which have now been restructured into seven units in September 2010 as follows:


Ag. Director ICT

Engr. Dr. P. Omolaye



Work Schedules:

  1. Monitoring of network (wired & wireless)
  2. Access control and authentication
  • Bandwidth management
  1. Installation of wireless access points at remote sites
  2. General troubleshooting
  3. Preview of network security
  • Train of staff & students
  • Power management
  • Wireless user registration 

Internet Services and Application Development (ISAD)
Work Schedules:

  1. Manage Internet services- Web Servers, Application Servers, email servers, IP management and web services
  2. Developing, managing and hosting web application – University website and portal
  • Evaluation of other software (vendor software) meant for the University
  • Training



Work Schedules:

  1. Administration of E-learning Teaching Resources
  2. Training of staff/students in the benefit of e-learning
  • Procurement of user/password of online library resources


 Training and Development

Work Schedules:

  1. Training of all staff in ICT tools and training of students to develop hands on IT capacity
  2. In conjunction with Consultancy Directorate, organized short-term training programmes to generate revenue.


Accounts Unit

Work Schedules:

  1. Collects and keeps record of all revenues
  2. Make payment to the bank on all revenues
  • Keep the imprest of the Directorate
  1. Liaises with the Directorate of Audit to audit the accounts of the Directorate from time to time.
  2. Carry out all financial transactions of the Directorate
  3. Make retirement of all items purchase by the Directorate


 User Support Services & Maintenance

Work Schedules:

  1. Maintain and update the University portal
  2. Keep all Examination and students records
  • Be in-charge of e-records
  1. Run all the cybercafés in the University
  2. Creating Helpdesk in all cybercafés on campus
  3. Keep all records of online activities of the University
  • Supply records to all units of the University when required

 Maintenance Unit

Work Schedules:

  1. Maintain all the computer systems in all units in the University
  2. Carry out routine maintenance in all the café across the University


Services Provided by the Directorate to the University Community.

The services provided by the Directorate are:-

  1. University has e-library portfolio that allow students to have access to books already sourced from international libraries to enhance e-knowledge. The Directorate is working with the University library to achieve complete automation of the library resources
  2. The University has an online Portal that is used for academic registration process of the University. This enhanced record keeping.
  • The Directorate has in-house software for complete automation of examination records. We provided strategic support to al academic departments in the University in automation.
  1. The University has a cybercafé with 45-nodes network with a complete C-Band VSAT solution that runs for 24-hours every working day. The network is being operated and managed by the Network Infrastructure Unit of the Directorate.


Services provided by the Directorate to clients outside the University:

The services provided by the directorate are:-

  1. As part of the University community service policy, the Directorate offers online WAEC and NECO registration assistance to schools and individuals at minimal cost.
  2. The Directorate offers special computer trainings in different areas of specialization to corporate organization, individuals and schools at moderate cost.
  • Setting up of cybercafé and support on IT facilities.