Administrative Structure

The Units has part time, full time and temporary staff. The part time staff includes the following:
1.       Professor E.P. Ejembi                 –        Director
2.       Dr. E.K. Ingbian                             –        Deputy Director
3        Mr. E.T. Ayan                                  –        Commercial Officer

As academics, the primary responsibilities of the Director and the Deputy Director are Teaching, Research and Community Service. The Commercial Officer is primary engaged in the Bursary Department as a Deputy Bursar.
1.       E.M. Shinyi                                       –        Administrative Secretary
2.       A. Ameh                                           –        Supervisor
3.       T. Anee                                            –        Catering Officer
4        C.M. Amuda                                    –        Asst. Chief Clerical Officer
5.       K.A. Anyebe                                     –        Senior Asst. Secretary II
6.       M. Orhenba                                     –        Field Supervisor
7.       E. Ogwuch                                      –        Messenger/Cleaner

The temporary staff listed below was employed to provide quality service at the Guest Houses run by the units:
1.       M. Abo                                             –        Receptionist
2.       G. Adikpe                                        –        Receptionist
3.       J. Ameh                                           –        Receptionist
4.       J.Odeh                                             –        Receptionist
5.       V. U. Oga                                         –        Receptionist
6.       T. Tyoshio                                       –        Receptionist

In addition to the core staff, relevant exerts in and outside the University are involved in consultancy activities of the Units.