Strategic Plan



S/No. Challenge/Goal and Proposed Solution/What to do to achieve goal
Short Term Medium Term Long Term
1. Dearth of Academic Staff:


Appointment of specialized

academic staff to satisfy the needs of all programmes


Sustenance of PG Seminar Series and Publications

Postgraduate School Building and Main auditorium:


A new befitting building to accommodate staff offices, central postgraduate library for theses and books (with e-component),


Main Auditorium and Seminar rooms.





Patenting of research break-throughs at the Postgraduate level and eventual commercialization to boost Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) of the University.


A special committee would be set up to examine/scrutinize highlights of research/significant contributions to knowledge submitted from the research findings for this purpose.


2. Plumbing Works:

Improvement on the plumbing system in the building presently housing Postgraduate School.

Advanced Central Laboratory:

Establishing of an Advanced Central Laboratory for postgraduate research. The laboratory would be adequately furnished with desired state of the art equipment, staff, power and water supply to foster sustained research in the Departments and reduce requests from our students to conduct research outside.

Reference Laboratory:

Make the Advanced Central Laboratory (PG) a reference laboratory.

3. Introduction of New Programmes:

The Postgraduate School, in collaboration with Colleges and Departments will mount new programmes e.g. programmes that may address the present demands in Agricultural practices e.g. Post harvest studies, processing and packaging, biopesticide research and development, etc.

UAM PG Thesis Compendium and Ph.D Thesis Prize:

Initiation and Production of UAM PG Theses Abstracts (as a Compendium)


Institution of Sectoral Ph. D Thesis Prizes for Students and Supervisors (Awards)

Sustained Production of UAM PG Theses Abstracts (as a Compendium)


Sustained Sectoral Ph. D Thesis Prizes for Students and Supervisors (Awards)