Postgraduate programmes include all academic and professional studies which envisage student achievement beyond the undergraduate level in any field leading to the award of Postgraduate Diplomas and Degrees.


Article 1:


The Officers of Postgraduate School shall be:

  1. Dean
  2. Deputy Dean.
  3. Secretary.


  1. Dean:
  2. Tenure:

The Dean of Postgraduate School shall be appointed by the Vice-Chancellor from among professors. The tenure shall be two years in the first instance. The Dean may be reappointed but may not serve more than two consecutive terms.


  1. Duties

The Dean shall:

  1. See to the day-to-day running of the Postgraduate School and is accountable to the Vice-Chancellor.
  2. Provide academic and administrative leadership for the Postgraduate School.

iii.     The Dean shall preside over Postgraduate School Board.

  1. Prepare, defend and control the School’s budget.
  2. Organize and coordinate the admission, registration, supervision and examination of Postgraduate students.
  3. Encourage and stimulate the growth and development of Postgraduate Programmes throughout the University.

vii.    Monitor the standard and progress of postgraduate courses and research and ensure that the standards are maintained.

viii.   Prepare and maintain permanent records of postgraduate students.

  1. Appoint internal examiners for students viva.
  2. Liaise with the Bursary, Registry and other units on all matters relating to postgraduate studies;


  1. Deputy Dean:


  1. Tenure

The Deputy Dean shall be appointed by the Vice-Chancellor for a tenure of two years in the first instance. The Deputy Dean may be reappointed but may not serve more than two consecutive terms. Only academic staff who have attained a minimum of Senior Lecturer are eligible for appointment.




  1. Duties
  2. To assist the Dean in carrying out his/her statutory functions.
  3. To perform any other duties as may be assigned by the Dean.


  1. Secretary:

The Secretary of the Postgraduate School shall hold the rank of at least Principal Assistant Registrar.



The Secretary of the Postgraduate School shall be:

  1. Responsible to the Dean for effective operation of the School.
  2. Secretary to the Postgraduate School Board.

iii.  Responsible for supervision and coordination of the constituent Units of the                       Postgraduate School

  1. Responsible for the general control and supervision of the staff of the                              Postgraduate School.


Article 2:


The Postgraduate School Board Membership

  1. Postgraduate School Board consist of:
  2. Dean, Postgraduate School.                    –           Chairman
  3. Deputy Dean, Postgraduate School        –           Member

iii.  Deans of Colleges                                  –           Member

  1. Registrar                                                 –           Member
  2. Librarian                                                 –           Member
  3. Director of Academic Planning              –           Member


  1. Terms of Reference:

The Terms of Reference of the Postgraduate School Board shall be as follows:

–     Advise Senate on the development of Postgraduate programmes.

–     Coordinate and harmonize all Postgraduate courses, programmes and regulations in all Colleges and Centres.

–     Review all postgraduate Programmes periodically.

–    Receive, consider and recommend to Senate appropriate College recommendations on:

–    Admission Quotas

–     Applications for admissions and registration for Postgraduate courses.

–     Candidates for award of Postgraduate Degrees and Diplomas.

–  Review annually and report to Senate the progress and development of                 Postgraduate studies in the University.

–     Recommend to Senate the academic suitability of students either for extension of Postgraduate studies, permission to undertake part of Postgraduate courses outside the University or termination of their studies.

–     Assess and recommend to Senate, students for Postgraduate scholarships, fellowships, grants or other awards.

–     Initiate for the consideration of Senate, plans for the physical, academic and administrative development of Postgraduate School.

–     Consider examination results and nomination of External Examiners.

–     Handle other matters referred to it by Senate from-time to time.


  1. Meetings:
  2. The Postgraduate School Board shall meet once a month as stipulated in the University Calendar.
  3. The Chairman of the Postgraduate School Board may call an emergency meeting of the Board at short notice but the purpose of such meetings shall be specified and such business shall be the business of the day.

iii. An Emergency meeting of the Board may be called by at east five (5) members of the Board drawn from at least three (3) Colleges.

  1. The quorum for transaction of business in a meeting of the Postgraduate School Board shall be one-third of the total Membership.


Article 3: Other Committees of Postgraduate School:


  1. College Postgraduate Committee (CPC)

The College Postgraduate Committee shall form a quorum of five (5) members. The Chairman and four (4) other members shall form a quorum. All members must be Senior Lecturers and above with Ph.D.


  1. Membership of CPC:
  2. Dean of College-Chairman
  3. All Professors in the College

iii. All Heads of Departments in the College.

  1. Departmental Coordinator of Postgraduate Programmes.
  2. College Coordinator of Postgraduate Programmes.
  3. The Secretary of the Committee shall be the College Officer.


  1. The Terms of Reference of CRC:

–     Coordinate Postgraduate studies in the College.

–     Screen Postgraduate admission applications in the College, making sure that Staff and students adhere to Postgraduate regulations including, presentation of

propositional seminar, regular meetings of Supervisory Committees, presentation of exit seminar at the proper time and proper conduct of the thesis defence before the External Examiners.

–     Consider and recommend supervisors for postgraduate students to the Postgraduate School Board.

–     Consider examination results, External Examiners and recommend to the Postgraduate School Board.

–     Periodic review of admission requirements for various programmes of the College and recommend same to the Postgraduate School Board, Recommend to Postgraduate School Board, the students who need to have their period of study extended, those whose courses are to be terminated and those who require to undertake part of their research outside the University.

–     Handle alt matters referred to it by Postgraduate School Board.


  1. Departmental Postgraduate Committee (DPC):
  2. Membership
  3. Head of Department- Chairman
  4. Departmental Postgraduate Coordinator

iii. All members of staff with Ph.D. Degrees who teach and supervise higher degree courses shall be members of (DPC).


  1. Terms of Reference for DPC:

–     Coordinate Postgraduate Programmes in the Department.

–     Collaborate with other disciplinary degree programmes.

–     Recommend to College Postgraduate Committee (CPC), award of grants, scholarships and fellowships and the award of higher degrees and Postgraduate Diplomas.

–     Recommend students whose studies are to be terminated or those who have to go to other institutions to use their facilities.

–     Recommend Committee of Supervisors and External Examiners as required by the Postgraduate regulations.

–     Consider examination results and make recommendations to the College Postgraduate Committee.


Article 4: Eligibility To Teach And Supervise Postgraduate Students


  1. All Professors, Associate Professors and Senior Lecturers shall normally be deemed eligible to teach postgraduate courses and supervise Postgraduate students.
  2. Without prejudice to (a) above, a teaching/research staff who does not possess Ph.D. degree and who has not attained the rank of Professor is normally not eligible to supervise a Ph.D. candidate.
  3. Lecturers with Ph.D. degree shall be allowed to teach and supervise candidates at the Masters’ level.
  4. Above notwithstanding, staff with Master’s degree, may be assigned to teach and supervise Postgraduate Diploma Courses under the supervision of a course Coordinator.
  5. Any academic staff that registers for a Postgraduate Programme shall automatically relinquish the teaching and supervision of Postgraduate courses.
  6. Special cases not listed above should be referred to the Postgraduate School Board.