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The library of the Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi, was established on 1st January, 1988. The library metamorphosed into the University of Agriculture Library, Makurdi and thereafter named after Vice-Chancellor, FRANCIS SULEMANU IDACHABA.




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The Library is the heart-beat of the Institution which serves as the educational life-wire of every serious user. A constantly updated Library puts the user close to the doorstep of his success. Barman asserted that the Library is a growing organism that requires constant positive changes to go with the changing mind of its user. 

In recent past, the University of Agriculture, Makurdi has undergone changes. New acquisition lists have been added to our book and journal collections. 

Donations of books and journals from various donor agencies including the UAM Alumini, University of Twente, Enschende; The Netherlands, to mention but a few, has been received to boost the current stock in the University library. Weeding out outdated titles has also been carried out. Library services opening of Seven (7) College Libraries thereby decentralizing Library services for the maximum benefit of the entire university community.

Automation of the Library services are in full bloom,  progress with the digitalization of certain data bases in Agriculture including AGORA, EBSCOHOST, HINARI and OARE and offline materials including E-granary, LanTEEAL and other downloaded materials are available for easy access. 

Finally, the Library has subscribed to VSAT Internet services to allow users search various catalogues worldwide through Google, Yahoo, Mama, Mozilla Fire fox, ASK.COM, devilFINDER.COMMSN.COM and other web search engines.
All these achievements have been made possible by the sound co-operation of the Vice-Chancellor, whose vision is to make the University of Agriculture, Makurdi, a world class institution and one of the best in the country by ensuring that any available resources are properly utilized.

University Librarian.



Philosophy And Objectives

The objectives of the University Library are naturally derived from those of the University it serves. Briefly stated, the Library exists to provide a wide variety of resources: book and non-book materials alike and auxiliary services which support and extend the University programmes of instruction and research.

In its attempt to achieve the above goal, the Library sets out deliberately to:

  • Ensure a high degree of relevance of its collection to the needs of the University Community,
  • Ensure that maximum use is made of the resources and facilities,
  • Give quantitative and qualitative reference and information service to its clientele,
  • Join its staff with other teaching colleagues in making the use of its resources an integral part of the educational process.