The VTH was established to provide excellent facilities for teaching/research in clinical duties for Veterinary students of the College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM), and rendering of specialized services, such as, consultations, clinical and diagnostic services to the livestock, agro-allied and public health sectors, the university farm, community-based livestock practitioners and the general public.


Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Organisational Setup

Organisational Setup




To be a centre of excellence for the development of highly skilled/proficient Veterinary Surgeons, and provide specialized services/solutions to the livestock, Agro-allied and public health sectors in the sub-region.

Brief History

The Veterinary Teaching Hospital, University of Agriculture, Makurdi, was established in February 2006. Before its establishment, Veterinary Clinical services were being offered by Veterinarians in a Veterinary Clinic in the South Core of the main campus of the University.

However, owing to low case load in the VTH (main), South Core, the distance from the town centre, and the urgent need to expose clinical students to more clinical cases, the university acquired an additional infrastructure at the North Bank, Makurdi in 2006, which was equipped and is being used as the VTH Annex.

Clinical Services
For operational efficiency, the VTH is divided into the following Clinical units, each manned by a resident Clinician as Coordinator, but with specialized operational teams comprising of Consultants and Clinicians from the College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM). These are:

a.       Small Animal Clinic and Surgery

b.      Large Animal Clinic and Surgery

c.       Avian and Wildlife Clinic

d.      Ambulatory Services and Consultancy

e.      Radiographic (X-Ray) Services

f.        Central Diagnostic Services comprising of the following:

i.              Necropsy and histopathology

ii.             Clinical pathology

iii.            Serology

iv.           Parasitology, and

v.            Microbiology