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Information, Publication, Protocol and Public Relations



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To collate all information relevant to the University mandate and ensure effective communication of policies and instructions as well as feed backs between Administration and the various stakeholders within and outside the University community


To manage UAM corporate communication to achieve institutional efficiency and good reputation.

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08164991161, 08121764242, 09096297177

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From Director's Desk
Brief History of IPPPR

Due to the fundamental nature of the duties of this Unit, the history of the Unit dates as far back as the day the University came into existence.

At inception, Registry staff were assigned to function as Information Officers, Late Eraer Kureve and Mr. Paul Amando were the pioneer staff of the Information Office as it was known then. However, the pioneer Vice-Chancellor, Prof. F. S. Idachaba employed the first Public Relations Officer of the University, Late Mr. Jimmy Ogebe in 1990 and subsequently other professionals were recruited to beef up the PRO Unit.

In a bid to integrate the Unit into the Registry mainstream, the Registrar upgraded the Unit as a “Division” called Information, Publication, Protocol and Public Relations (IPPPR) in 2002 and posted a Deputy Registrar, Mr. J. A. Idah to be incharge. Mr. Idah however retired in 2003 and he handed over to Mrs. R. K. Waku, the most Senior Administrator in the Unit at the time.

Mrs. Waku still heads the office to date and is responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for the day to day operations of the Unit.