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Registration Guidelines for Newly Admitted Remedial Students
Resumption date for all newly admitted Remedial students is 17th May, 2015. Registration will be for two week only and students are expected to complete their payments and online register on or before 1st June, 2015. You can download the 2014/2015 University calendar at www.uam.edu.ng.


  • All admitted candidates should ensure that they adhere to the following pre-resumption instructions:
  • Check the University website www.uam.edu.ng to confirm that your name is on the admission list and that you are admitted to study in the University.
Students have two payment options. The options are
  • UAMPAY(ATM cards): Use your ATM card on any internet enabled device (PC, laptop, handset, ipad, etc.) on the portal fees.uam.edu.ng/ to pay your fees. Follow the instruction at http://uam.edu.ng/Uampay-Details.
  • Bank Branch: Visit http://uam.edu.ng/Uampay-Details to confirm how much to pay and generate your RRR (Remita reference number used to pay in the bank) Go to any branch of your banks to pay the fees.
Registration Guidelines for Newly Admitted Students

  1. Use any of the two Fees/charges payment option by either going to the participating Banks or use your ATM card for our Internet Banking or mobile banking to pay N15,000 as Acceptance Fee (You will be given a Pin Number on a Receipt printout. You will be required to use this PIN to get your admission details).
  2. Go to the University portal (Admission Screening Portal) and use the Pin to printout your Acceptance Letter and Letter of Offer of Provisional Admission.
  3. Sign a copy of the Acceptance Letter and take along with you all your original certificates and two passport copies to the academic office (In North core) for verification and screening
  4. Proceed to ICT Directorate (South Core) for a Passport Photograph that will be uploaded to the University Portal. If the academic office certifies your certificates and qualifications for the programme you are being admitted into, then proceed to the banks or UAMPAY(ATM cards) to pay your School Charges.
  5. After paying the mandatory school charges/fees, proceed to your Department to confirm the courses you will be offering this semester.
  6. Return back to ICT to register online and printout your Student Data form and Registration form. Note that online registration is complete only when you click Submit.
Check-List of Items to Bring for Clearance and Verification
Before coming for submission of registration details, make sure you come along with the following Items:
  • Signed copy of Acceptance of Offer of Provisional Admission from the Portal
  • Printed copy of Letter of Provisional Admission from the Portal
  • Original and photocopy of Birth Certificate
  • Original and photocopy of O Level certificates/statement of results
  • Two copies of passport photograph
  • Certificate of Indigeneship from your Local Government (for Nigerians)
  • Confirmation of Registration
Once you fill your forms online and click submit, pay your school fees after you have screened online,go to portal.uam.edu.ng and do your course registration on the portal using your Application Number as username and PIN as password on your payment slip to print the approved registration forms.

Support and Inquiries
For any inquiry or support use the following helplines:
Email support:  uss@uam.edu.ng
Telephone call and text message during working hours only: 08111753334, 08186570255
Live chart with our staff: check www.uam.edu.ng
Physical contact on campus: ICT HelpDesk, Block B, South-core or ICT HelpDesk, PG School, North-core