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Registration Procedure

Procedures for Students' Registration
All new students on arrival at the department should proceed for registration as follows:

Procedure for Payment of Tuition Fees

After a candidate has been admitted into the university:

1.  Students are expected to obtain “Acceptance Letter” upon payment of acceptance fee

2.  You go for screening with your original credentials, Acceptance Letter, JAMB slip, and admission letter (Sandwich Students are to come with their original O-Level and A-Level credentials)

3. There are two mediums of payment: Bank and Online using Debit Cards (ATM Cards)

  • Bank Payment - You go straight to the designed bank to pay your school fees and obtain PIN to enable you enter your personal details and course registration on the university portal.
  • For online payment click here for more details

Summary: The procedure for the payment of tuition fees is that, the admitted students, after collecting his/her admission letter goes to a designated bank and obtains a pin, equivalent to the amount to tuition fees he/she is expected to pay, which he/she uses for registration processes. At the point of students’ orientation, management would usually come out with details on how the tuition fees would be paid. While full payment is usually advocated, sometimes payment is split on semester basis. Whatever position is taken by management would be made known to the students during orientation.

Procedure for Course registration

  • All students’ Course Registration are online
  • Students are allowed to add and/or drop courses within the course registration period.
  • Submit your hard copy registered courses to all the appropriate offices
  • Issues for Non-registration: Registration for each Semester is compulsory. 
  • A student who fails to register for 2 consecutive semesters is deemed to have voluntarily withdrawn from the programme.

Library Registration

  • All newly admitted students are expected to register with the University Library.
  • You are expected to go with your admission letter and passport to obtain library card from the Library Officer that will allow you to enter into the Library.
  • Any more information about Library registration procedure, please go the Library for further details.

 Other Payments Requirement by Different Categories of Students 

The sub-degree students are categorized into three as regards payment of tuition fees.
note: These fees are subject to review by management of the university from time to time as the need arises

Penalty for Late Payment
When deadline for payment of tuition fees is pronounced by management, students that fail to pay within the stipulated time shall be subjected to a penalty. In addition, students who fail to meet up the requirements of management as regards payment of school fees shall be out rightly prevented from writing examinations. Such students will automatically repeat those courses.

Departmental Associations

College Screening

University Functions And Organizations


* Orientation
Orientation of New Students
The orientation of new students shall take place in the second week of resumption after registration. It is intended to enable students settle down and adjust to University life.

* Matriculation
Every new student must be matriculated before he/she is recognized as having entered for academic programme of the University. At the ceremony, students are expected to take the matriculation oath, which reads:
I solemnly undertake and swear to observe and respect the provisions of the University of agriculture, Makurdi law and statutes, ordinances and regulations lawful made hereunder which are in force and which shall from time to time be brought into force”.

All students are expected to be formally dressed (i.e. complete with academic gowns) during the induction ceremony. Matriculation marks the end of students’ registration. Students are usually issued with matriculation numbers with which they obtain identity cards from the security department.

* Departmental Associations
All registered students of the respective programmes are members of the University of Agriculture, Makurdi Chapter of the National Associations. For further information on this, please, contact the departmental Association’s Executives.

* Procedure for travelling out of University
A student wishing to travel out of campus during the semester period for any reasons should obtain clearance from the department through the Head of Department or any officer designated by the Head of Department, by filling the appropriate clearance form and having it signed officially.

* Staff and Student Forum.
In addition to the College forum, the respective Departments organized departmental staff and student forum for at least once every academic year.
The forum provides avenues for discussion, exchange of ideas, the opportunity for hearing cases and complaints; opportunity for dissemination of official information, rules and regulations especially those that relate directly to or affect students.
Students are normally encouraged in such a forum to raise issues of significance. The policy is to be seen as part of the efforts of the department administration of the university to bridge communication gap and to encourage the much needed understanding between the department and the students.

* Sources of Information
a.         Registration: Examination/Registration officers
b.         Security Matters: Security Unit (Annext)
c.         Guidance/Counselling (General Advice on Careers and personal matters): Students Affairs Office.

* Order of Presentation of Difficulties/Complaints by Students
The normal route of channelling of complaints or problems is as set below:

  1. Academic matters: Guidance and Couselling
  2. Lecturers to Head of Department:
  3. Examination/Courses Registration matters: Examination Officers
  4. Security matters: Chief Security Officer/Security Officer


* Administrative Officer to Head of Department.

  1. Timetable matters Lectures/Examinations:
  2.  Result matters:


* College Library Services

There exists a well stocked library at the Colleges.

Objectives of the Library
The objective of the College Library is naturally derived from the institution it serves. Briefly, the library exists to provide a variety of resources and ancillary services which support and extend the Department’s programmes of instruction and research.

Eligibility for use of Library
The library may be used by

  1. All students, staff and members of the Board of the Department.
  2. Research workers authorized by the Department.


Only registered readers or other persons authorized by the University Librarian can be admitted into the college library upon presentation of their ID cards.


1.     Date/Time: The library opening hours are Monday to Friday 8.30 am to 4.00pm. The library is closed on public holidays.
2.     Photocopying: The library does not own photocopying machine which readers can use for copying articles in books and periodicals but it gives permission for materials to be photocopied outside the library.
3.     Loan: Due to lack of adequate resources compared to the number of users, the library does not loan out its materials.
4.     Inter-library Loan: In special circumstances, books not in the Departmental library can be obtained from other libraries within Makurdi metropolis on inter-library may be ordered upon request and with advance payment.  

* Other Services
Other services available in the department include:

·         Internet Services and Health Services