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Chemistry Department

Admission Requirements

Chemistry Department - Admission Requirements

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Course Outline

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Course Content

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Welcome to Chemistry Department
On behalf of all staff in the Department of Chemistry, University of Agriculture Makurdi, I bid you welcome to the Department. I congratulate you on your admission into the B.Sc (Hons) Chemistry of Postgraduate Programme. Please take cognizance of the fact that you are one of the very lucky few amongst many other qualified candidates who have sought this opportunity. Your entry into our program, indeed, marks the beginning of a journey that will transform your life and outlook on our material world.

Chemistry is an experimental science and its study can be very fascinating, depending on you! Look around you, virtually everything you see, touch, use or smell is chemistry-one way or the other. As you make your foray into the subject, I urge you to open your mind, eyes and ears; let your brain be retentive, reception and can be prepared to explore experiment and be adventurous. Be assured that you are entering a profession full of opportunities for employment, including in but not limited to the oil and gas, petrochemicals, plastics, polymers, foods and confectioneries, agriculture, solid minerals banking and pharmaceuticals industries, in addition to Research and Development at Institutes, Universities and other tertiary educational establishments. The crops of staff you will meet are dedicated, hard working, committed and enterprising men and women who are well tutored in their various special areas of chemistry. Feel free to interact with them. They are there for you.

It is said “all work no play makes Yakubu a dull boy”, yet I encourage you to concentrate on what brought you here first and fore-most, and that is YOUR STUDIES! Finally, I wish you the best of luck studies as well as a happy and memorable stay in the Department.

Let me now leave you with the following thought-provoking treatise on how chemists should thinks, in the belief that your imagination will be fired to make you begin to think in the way of great chemists.

You are most sincerely welcome.


Dr. Eneji Ishaq S.

Head of Department

Brief History of The Department

THE Department of Chemistry, UAM, is currently one of the five (5) Academic Departments in the College of Science, (CoS) of the University. It is located in Gaius Igboeli Building, in the South Core of the University Campus. Between 1980 and 1987, the Department was a Unit in the School of Foundation Studies, the domicile of all academic programmes in the basic sciences in the University then, first as Federal University of Technology (FUT) Makurdi and later University of Jos, Makurdi Campus. When the University changed status from being a satellite campus to a full-fledged University once again (as University of Agriculture), the Department was one of the founding Departments in the newly create College of Science, Agriculture and science Education (B.Sc. Ed.) (Chemistry). In the 2001/2002 Session, the Department commenced the Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Honours programme, with a gradual phasing out of the B.Sc. Ed. Programme, which became domiciled in the newly created Department of Science Education. In 2006, the CSASE was split into two: the College of Science and College of Agricultural Science Education, with the Department domiciled, naturally, in the former. Over the years, the Department has grown from strength to strength, both in terms of admissions and staff composition and quality. With the introduction of Postgraduate programmes (PGD, M.Sc. and Ph.D) in the 2003/2003 Session, the Department finally achieved full maturity. In the 2006/2007 National Universities Commission (NUC) Accreditation Exercise, the Department achieved full accredited status, implying it is fully recognized by the NUC as competent to train chemists that meet the standards set by the Commission.

RESEARCH: Research in chemistry envisages alternative, multidisciplinary areas in addition to traditional organic/ organic/ inorganic/physical divisions. Research is going on in natural products- medicinal and environment- Analytical chemistry.


The Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) Honours programme is geared towards providing the undergraduate the opportunity to develop:
  1. Competence in functioning as conscientious, motivated and efficient scientist, working towards the dissemination of existing and new knowledge;
  2. The spirit of enquiry, creativity and self-reliance in the practice of chemistry;
  3. The right adjustment to the social life of the community and society at the required intellectual and professional background adequate for their assignment and adaptability to the changing situation of the modern world; and
  4. Absolute commitment to the chemistry profession as a sine qua non for national development.

The graduate of the B.Sc (Hons) Chemistry Programme is, therefore, expected to have been duly instructed in the fundamental and underlying theories, principles and practice of chemistry, with a thorough grounding in experimental chemistry, operational aspects of the chemical and allied industries and modern analytical tools and techniques. Furthermore, such a graduate would be fully equipped to participate in catalyzing the desired evolution of the culture of science in Nigeria through objective pursuit of the chemistry profession, and to undertake further studies in chemistry and related disciplines.

The general philosophy and objectives of the Postgraduate Programs in    Chemistry are to consolidate and further develop in graduate chemists and other related professional.

  1. competence as functioning conscientious, knowledgeable and creative chemical scientists operating in the 21st Century and beyond;
  2. awareness of the dynamic nature of knowledge in relation to evolving problems of national development and growth, within the context of globalization; and Intellectual and professional skills to function independently or in a team environment with a problem-solving orientation.

The graduate of Postgraduate Programmes in Chemistry should possess    adequate skills, mental orientation and adaptive capabilities to,

  • fit into academic, non-academic and industry working environments, with competence and ease as scientists and managers.
  • appreciate and understand existing and emerging problems in their field of specialization, with the ability to adapt easily, both as scientists and managers, in an ever changing and challenging world;
  • pursue higher studies or independent research in their chosen areas of specialization with ease, with the capacity to generate new science; and
  • engage in multidisciplinary research and development and related enterprises.
It is true that once a student has successfully enrolled for the B.Sc (Hons) chemistry programme, he/she is a bona fide undergraduate student of the University of Agriculture, Makurdi with all the privileges and responsibility pertaining thereto. However, for a student to succeed on the programme, there are some basic codes he/ she must imbibe:
  • Hard work, discipline and good study habits; do all your assignments.
  • Avoiding truancy, lateness to lecture/practical, tutorials. Tests and examinations.
  • Avoid indulging in unnecessary extra-curricula activities.
  •  Proper use of your leisure time and proper dress code.
  • Avoiding flimsy travels/trips.
  • Completing your registration process on time and within the prescribed period.
  • Say no to examination misconduct, cultism, sexual immorality, drug and other social vices.

Wishing you the best of luck, God‘s guidance and protection as you strive to achieve your success.